Do I qualify for the Stepforward Michigan?

Do you have proof of household income? (Employed, Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, or Self –Employed)
Is your name on the deed?
Is the deed dated PRIOR to your past due taxes?
Have you experienced an involuntary hardship that has caused your taxes to be delinquent?
I do NOT have a land contract?

If you answer YES to ALL of these questions, you may qualify for the program if you meet these additional requirements:
• You are a Michigan resident
• You are a U.S. Citizen or legal alien
• You occupy the property as your PRIMARY residence
• You have a qualifying involuntary hardship*
• You have limited cash reserve
• No more than 1½ times annual property tax amount in your bank account

*A qualifying involuntary hardship is an unexpected event beyond the homeowner’s control that impacts the homeowner’s ability to maintain payments.

  • - Reduction in Income
    - Medical condition
    - Death
    - Divorce expenses
    - Disability
  • - Excessive obligations
    - Curtailment of income
    - Abandonment of property
    - Increased living expenses
    - Non-dependent medical
    - Payment adjustments
  • - You must be named on Title and/or deed and spouse of individual named on title and
    - All individuals obligated on Mortgage note and/or deed must participate
    - You must have the ability to sustain ongoing mortgage and/or property tax payments


** Disclaimer notice** This many not be a complete list and additional requirements may have to be met for approval.