• Amandla CDC
    Providing both group and individual counseling services to Detroit

Amandla Community Development Corporation

Amandla’s Mission is to stabilize and to facilitate the redevelopment of deteriorated areas within its community, through the development of new housing; housing rehabilitation and to provide housing/community related services through the coordination and implementation of its public service activities and the coordination and/or facilitation of economic development projects. The overall goal is to encourage and increase home-ownership opportunities while promoting a sense of individual and community pride. As a part of its Supportive Services Program, Amandla provide both group and individual counseling services to Detroit based residents within the greater metropolitan Detroit area.

Counseling services are provided in the following areas:

  • Budgeting:

    Counselors will guide clients towards developing a budget and managing their house-hold spending. Clients will better understand the importance of budgeting and managing their money.
  • Foreclosure Prevention:

    Counselors provide both Mortgage Foreclosure and Property Tax Foreclosure prevention services.
  • Mortgage Foreclosure:

    Counselors will work diligently in conjunction with the homeowner in an effort to assist the client to maintain ownership of their home. Counselors work directly with lender and attorneys when appropriate to determine the best possible work out plan(s) available. Counselors will also provide assistance for those clients seeking assistance for the Step Forward Michigan program.
  • Property Tax Foreclosure:

    Counselors will provide assistance to clients who are seeking to complete an application to receive property tax assistance through the Step Forward Michigan program.
  • Pre-Purchase Counseling:

    Counselors will work with clients who are looking to purchase their first home. Counselors will assess the client’s readiness to purchase, and educate the client on the step-by-step process leading to home-ownership.
  • Financial Management:

    Counselors will work with clients in a group and/or on an individual basis to determine a client’s spending style and patterns. Counselors will work with clients to establish an action plan and set both short and long term financial goals.
  • Credit Counseling:

    Counselors will work with clients, by reviewing their credit reports and assisting clients in understating the process of re-pairing their credit. Counselors will help to establish a plan of action to improve overall credit scores.
  • Referral Services:

    Amandla makes every effort to serve as a referral base for its clients. Legal aide, utility assistance, rent/homeless shelters, food assistance, etc.

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